About reporting a chemical safety issue

Some 300 tip-offs from companies and the general public regarding shortcomings in chemical safety are filed with us each year. It helps us protecting people and the environment and make companies fulfil their obligations.

Examples of issues you can report

A pesticides or other chemical product

  • lacking or having deficient labelling
  • having deficient packaging
  • lacking child-resistant fastening when required
  • lacking or having a deficient safety data sheet
  • that is not authorised by the Swedish Chemicals Agency (applies only to pesticides). An authorised pesticides has a registration number issued by us. Authorised pesticides are searchable in the pesticides register database External link..

or articles (for example toys, cloths, shoes and electronics) that

  • give rise to health inconveniences
  • contain dangerous substances

or a company that

  • manufactures or imports chemical products to Sweden without reporting them to the products register. The company register lists companies that have reported activities and products to the products register.
  • do not submit information about particularly hazardous substances in articles. Read more about this under Requirement for information.

All tip-offs are under the principle of public access to information. You may send in your tip-off anonymously but in that case we cannot inform you of the result of our assessment.

Thank you for reporting!

Report to other authorities

Food: Contact the National Food Agency External link..

Cosmetics and hygienic products: Medical Products Agency External link..

Incorrect marketing or dangerous products due to design: Swedish Consumer Agency External link.

System to exchange information about hazardous products - RAPEX

RAPEX is a system used by the EU countries to exchange information about hazardous consumer products available on the market. A list of notifications to RAPEX is published every Friday on hazardous products reported by authorities in the EU member states. The list contains information about the product, its possible hazard and measures taken by the reporting country.

See RAPEX weekly notification reports External link..

The Swedish Consumer Agency is the designated authority for the RAPEX system at the European Commission, Health and Consumer Directorate.

Last published 24 May 2021