PM 1/20: Mapping of alternatives to brominated, chlorinated and phosphorus-containing flame retardants in electronic products

The Swedish Chemicals Agency has in 2019 initiated a project to evaluate the chemical tax on electronics. The purpose of the evaluation was to investigate whether the tax in its current form has led to the reduction in content of environmentally and health hazardous flame retardants in electronics, as was the intention. As part of this project, the Swedish Chemicals Agency is investigating the availability of alternative flame retardants and to determine if there has been an increase in their use.

In the end of 2019, The Swedish Tax Agency together with The Swedish Chemicals Agency received an assignment from the Swedish government to evaluate effects of the chemical tax on electronics. This assignment will hereafter be a background report for The Swedish Chemicals Agency in the work with the assignment from the government.

The evaluation has been conducted mainly as a literature review, to identify alternative flame retardants. In addition to the literature review, interviews have been conducted with manufacturers of flame retardants, masterbatches (additives for plastics in concentrated form) and manufacturers/producers of granules of plastics (formulators), as well as with several industry organizations, authorities and manufacturers / suppliers of electronic products. Furthermore, several websites of manufacturers have been studied as a complement. Finally, a review has been made of the Swedish Chemicals Agency's product register.

Last published 10 May 2021