Enforcement 5/22: Enforcement of summer goods 2021

This report describes a supervisory project of seasonal goods for the summer and is one of the efforts made in the work to ensure that goods are non-toxic from the beginning.

In this enforcement project, we have controlled 266 articles from 82 companies. The articles were sold during the summer season. The materials that the articles were made of were mostly soft plastic or foamed plastic, rubber or textile. We also controlled some electrical articles. Examples of articles that we controlled are articles used in the garden, at the beach, for fishing and for other outdoor activities.

Out of the articles that we controlled, 43 articles contained restricted substances in concentration above limit values. In addition, 14 of the articles contained substances on the so-called Candidate List in the REACH Regulation, which means that recipients of the articles should be given information on the content of substances of very high concern. In 90 articles, we found low concentration of restricted substances (they contain substances below the limit values) or substances that were not restricted for that type of article. For 119 of the articles, we could not find any of the substances searched for. The restricted substances that we found most often were phthalates and short-chain chlorinated paraffins. Phthalates were also the most frequent substances on the Candidate List that we found.

Last published 17 May 2022