Enforcement 2/22: Enforcement of plant protection products

The Swedish Chemicals Agency is the authority responsible for enforcing that companies that manufacture or import plant protection products into Sweden comply with current legislation. In this report, we compile our control of plant protection products on the Swedish market. This report contains the analysis results from inspections carried out in 2021.

In 2021, we have controlled a total of 19 plant protection products. The control has been carried out in accordance with the Swedish Chemicals Agency's control program for analyses of plant protection products. The control included a risk-based selection of products that were collected from various Swedish distributors. The results from the control show that all 19 plant protection products analysed comply with the conditions of the product approval. We have not found any illegal products and the requirement for product approval was complied with by the companies that were included in the control in 2021.

Last published 30 March 2022