Enforcement 1/22: Oil lamps – enforcement of the safety requirements

The Swedish Chemicals Agency has for several years checked oil lamps because every year there are accidents where children have drunk lamp oil or sucked at the wick of oil lamps and thereby ingested lamp oil. Lamp oil has very low viscosity and can therefore easily get into the lungs where it may cause life-threatening injuries.

In 2021, the Swedish Chemicals Agency inspected decorative oil lamps and found that many oil lamps lack information to customers and does not comply with the safety requirements. Our control took place within the framework of an inspection project that involved

  • informing manufacturers and sellers about relevant rules
  • checking if the safety requirements were met
  • checking the information the oil lamps were accompanied by and the label on the lamps.

The project included only decorative oil lamps intended for the public, that is where the end customer is a consumer.

Last published 12 January 2022