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PRIO – A tool for Risk Reduction of Chemicals


Your substance belongs to the phasing out prioritisation level. Phase-out, product choice/substitution, is a case of fulfilling the desired function without using the chemical in question.

It may be necessary to phase out a substance when:

  • the substance has such hazardous environmental and health properties that all use is unsuitable.
  • a risk assessment shows that the risk is unacceptable for that particular use.

The product choice or substitution principle is stated in Miljöbalkens (The Environmental Code) part 2 section 4 §. This principle means that one should as far as possible avoid the sale of or the use of such chemical products as may be considered to pose a risk to humans of the environment, if they can be replaced by products that are assumed to be less hazardous.

Phase out - this is what you can do

Here we present a seven-step model that can be used as a basis for systematic work on selecting or replacing substances in such a way as to prevent and avoid risks.

You have reached the end of the prioritisation guide for this substance. Consider whether you have more substances that need to be assessed.