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PRIO – A tool for Risk Reduction of Chemicals


This step by step guide presents a method for prioritising chemical substance risks in articles and products.

The method moves systematically through the inventory phase, hazard assessment and then the following prioritisation, which in turn leads to various measures to be taken.

The step by step guide is meant to be used as a support when you are looking for information about a chemical substance, which risks may be associated with that substance and what you can do to manage such risks.

A visual model of prioritization guide, in the form of a molecular chain.

The priority-setting guide will help you to

  • Find out what substances are contained in a chemical product or article.
  • Assess the environmental and health properties of substances.
  • Prioritise which properties of the substance to which you should pay particular attention.
  • Review your risk picture.
  • Structure the work on replacing hazardous substances.

The guide is set up as a decision tree. You can let us guide you through the tree by clicking on Start the priority-setting guide and going through our step by step guide. You will then be automatically progress to the next step, which depends on how you answer the questions. At each step there is a brief guidance instruction. For those who wish to read more, there are links to more detailed texts via Chemicals in practical use. In order to answer the questions you may also need to look for information outside this tool. You continue through the guide by clicking on the answer alternative that you think fits best. You will find the buttons at the bottom of each page.

If you are uncertain about a specific step, you can go directly to the left-hand menu or click on the picture above.