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PRIO – A tool for Risk Reduction of Chemicals

Why are substances with potential PBT/vPvB properties priority risk-reduction substances?

Potential PBT/vPvB substances are substances for which available data indicate that they may be PBT/vPvB substances but further data is required to establish if they fulfil the PBT/vPvB criteria. The available data for many substances are not sufficient to assess whether they are PBT/vPvB substances. In order to nevertheless try to identify these substances, the information usually available must be utilised. For further guidance see "The criteria in detail". Until further information becomes available, these substances fulfilling the criteria for potential PBT/vPvB substances have to be treated as priority risk reduction substances, i.e. the risk in the envisaged use must be reviewed to ensure that it does not pose unacceptable risks in any stage of handling. With regard to potential PBT/vPvB substances, this means that extra attention should be paid to avoiding releasing these substances to the environment.