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PRIO – A tool for Risk Reduction of Chemicals

Suppliers of chemicals

Meeting the requirements of costumers

As a supplier you are probably familiar with the question of whether the substances present in your products are present in the previous Swedish Observation List. The purpose of this tool is not that particular individual substances are to be avoided or in another way highlighted. Those who use chemical products must in each situation determine which properties in a product may pose risks. This tool can help you identifying risks and setting priorities in the process of risk reduction.

The user must then assess the risks and decide how any possible risks must be dealt with, which does not always mean that the substance should be replaced. Here it is important that you as a supplier have the knowledge required for how to handle the risks associated with your product. In the database there are substances that fulfil certain criteria. This tool contains criteria that are divided into two priority levels, "substances due to be phased out" and "substances that have priority in risk reduction". The tool recommends users as far as possible to replace substances that fall into the phasing out priority level. The basis for this is that all newly produced goods in accordance with the "A Toxic-free Environment" environmental quality aim shall, as far as possible, be free from these substances in accordance with a certain time schedule. In the EU legislation Reach, these substances meet the criteria for requiring authorisation, or approval, for each intended application area.

Being one of the first to have alternatives for substances that meet the tool's criteria for phasing out can thereby provide a market advantage. When it comes to substances that fall within the priority in risk reduction level, the tool recommends users to review the risks associated with the intended use. Smaller companies in particular may not have sufficient resources and knowledge to be able to make such assessments. As a supplier, to have good knowledge of which risks may arise in connection with different application areas, and to transmit that knowledge to users is important, so that each user can decide whether or not it is acceptable from the risk viewpoint to use the product in question. The responsibility of suppliers in risk assessment is strengthened as a consequence of the EU chemicals legislation. Developing knowledge and expertise within this area is a step on the way to preparing for the new marketing conditions.