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PRIO – A tool for Risk Reduction of Chemicals

Ecolabelling organisations

PRIO can be of help in the preparatory work of preparing new criteria documents, or revising those that exist already.

The tool contains two priority levels, phase-out and prioritised risk reduction. Under the heading of criteria in the main menu you can obtain more information about which properties there are in the different prioritisation levels, and why these substances are considered hazardous.

PRIO provides information about:

  • Hazardous environmental and health properties of the example-substances contained in the database.
  • The health and environmental properties that are prioritised in the  EU legislation regarding chemical substances and also in the national political strategy.
  • Examples of hazardous substances that may be present in different product groups and that are covered by the tool's criteria.
  • Examples of hazardous substances found in different substance groups. Substance groups are, for example, azo dyes, isocyanates and phthalates.