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PRIO – A tool for Risk Reduction of Chemicals


In chemical management it is important to have a good system for documentation. It is also important to save the documentation on the basis of which various decisions have been made. The documentation system should have an appropriate ambition level, but written procedures and instructions may be needed for various reasons, e.g.:

  • to ensure that a task is carried out and that it is done in a certain way
  • to support employees in their tasks
  • to facilitate tasks being transferred from one person to another
  • to show to the authorities and environmental auditors that tasks which may affect the environment have been performed in a controlled manner.

It is also important to document what is done to fulfil legislative requirements. How, for example, it is ensured that the requirements limiting certain substances are met, or what is being done to meet knowledge requirements and the product choice or substitution principle in the general considerations in the Environmental Code?

In those cases where legislation embodies requirements for documentation, these obviously must be met and form the minimum requirements for documentation.