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PRIO – A tool for Risk Reduction of Chemicals

Search tips

This section contains an overview of the search options that exist in the PRIO database and some tips on how to define your search.

Search tips

Searching on individual chemical substances

Use the search function "search on substance name CAS/EC" by typing in either the name of the substance or the CAS/EC number. It is not necessary to type in a complete name or the CAS no. for the substance. The search takes place on part of a name or the start of the CAS/EC no.
If you are looking for a specific substance, you obtain a direct hit by searching on the whole CAS number. If you search on substance name, e.g. benzene, you run the risk of obtaining a huge number of hits as there are many substances with names containing benzene.

Searching on properties hazardous to health and the environment

If you search on hazardous properties, you can choose between many different combinations. Highlight the properties hazardous to health and the environment you want to use in your search. The substances searched on fulfil either one of the highlighted properties ("or") or the condition that all properties must be fulfilled by all the substances ("and").
To limit the search, it can be combined with the filter function. Choose for example the filter "show only substances contained in the products register" to exclude articles that are not chemical products.

Searching on substance groups, product types and references

Some substances in the database are arranged in chemical groups such as "isocyanates", "brominated flame retardants", "phthalates" etc. This function can facilitate searching on chemical substances and be an alternative to this.
Another alternative search path is to search on product types such as "adhesives", "car-care products", "paints and coatings" etc. The product types are taken from the Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate's products register and do not provide a complete picture but are a few examples of those that occur there (see Restrictions of the database).
All substances in the database comes from a source and is searchable through their reference, e.g. water framework directive or the convention OSPAR.

Limit the search using filters

This function is created so that you can limit your search. If, for example, you are only searching on a chemical product, it is appropriate to use the filter "show only substances contained in the products register".
Complex hydrocarbons are included in the database as they are sometimes to be classified as carcinogenic (see CLP regulation).  If you do not want these 600 or so substances to dominate your search, you can filter them out. Similar needs may arise for compounds of the particularly hazardous metals (lead, cadmium and mercury), which can also be filtered out.

Combined search

Criteria, substance groups, product types and filters can be combined in searching. A few examples of when there might be a wish to make a combined search are:
- A landlord has to clear an apartment of allergens. He can search on paint + allergenic + contained in products register to obtain examples of substances that should not be contained in the paint he purchases.
- A company that uses a large amount of solvents and wants to avoid the worst ones can search on solvents + show only phase-out substances + contained in products register to obtain examples of such substances contained in solvents in Sweden.