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PRIO – A tool for Risk Reduction of Chemicals

Restrictions of the database

Most of the substances in the database have ended up there because they have been classified within the EU. Only a small proportion of all the substances in use today have complete data about health and environmental properties. A minority have undergone EU classification work. This is reflected in the PRIO database. Note therefore that the database can only provide examples of hazardous substances, not a complete list of allergenic substances, for example.

For some substances there is information on chemical products in which the substance occurs, the quantities in which it is used and in how many products it is used. These particulars are based on data from the Swedish Chemicals Agency's products register. Swedish manufacturers and importers of chemical products must supply information to the products register. This means that the information which the PRIO database provides and that applies to quantities and areas of use only relates to chemical products and the situation in Sweden. The information often cannot be released for reasons of secrecy. If, for example, one or two companies use substance X in rust inhibitors, we cannot state rust inhibitors as an area of use for substance X in the database.

The information on product type in the database comes from the products register of the Swedish Chemicals Agency. As a large number of substances in the database do not occur as a chemical product in Sweden, there is no information in the database on product type for these substances. The substances may very well occur in articles in Sweden.

Some substance groups of general interest have been entered into the database and linked to specific substances. However, not all the substances have been allocated to a substance group.