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PRIO – A tool for Risk Reduction of Chemicals

New features compared with the old OBS list

Changed criteria

The criteria have been revised in order to be able to reflect the requirements laid down in Reach and to reflect what is expressed in the environmental quality objective A Non-Toxic Environment which has been adopted by the Swedish Parliament, the Riksdag. The criteria have been divided into two prioritisation levels: Phase-out and Priority risk-reduction. Read more in Criteria. The "phase-out" level contains the properties of greatest concern such as "carcinogenic", "ozone-depleting" etc. New criteria in the phase-out level are:

  1. PBT/vPvB, which designates substances that are persistent (P), bioaccumulative (B) and toxic (T), or very persistent (vP) and very bioaccumulative (vB).
  2. Particularly hazardous metals (Cd, Pb, Hg)
  3. Endocrine-disrupting substances

At the priority risk reduction level there are properties such as "very high acute toxicity", "allergenic" etc. New criteria at the risk-reduction level are:

  1. Mutagenic (category 2)
  2. Environmentally hazardous, long-term effects
  3. Potential PBT/vPvB

Properties in the PRIO tools are referred to as PRIO properties.

Other new features

In KIFS 2005:5 there are around 600 complex hydrocarbons that were not included in the OBS list but are now included in the database. To appear in the old OBS list, the substances had to occur in the Swedish Chemicals Agency's products register in quantities in excess of 1 tonne. This restriction has been removed in the PRIO database as the aspiration is also to cover those substances that occur in articles which are not chemical products. There are therefore more examples of substances with PRIO properties in the database (over 5000 substances) than there were in the OBS list (approx. 250 substances).