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PRIO – A tool for Risk Reduction of Chemicals

How PRIO relates to the restricted substances database and the classification list

The Swedish Chemicals Agency's Restricted Substances Database contains substances that are restricted under Swedish legislation. A small number of substances are completely banned. Many substances are merely regulated in a particular application.

PRIO database contains both substances that are regulated and those that are not covered by any legislation. PRIO is not based on legislation but is concerned with the intrinsic health properties and environmental properties of substances. The restricted substances database is a tool for finding out about legislation related to individual substances. PRIO is a tool for those who want to go further in their environmental work and be well prepared for future regulations.

PRIO and the restricted substances database are two tools that complement each other. It is therefore not sufficient just to search in the PRIO database to find out whether there is legislation relating to a particular substance.

The Classification & Labelling inventory: The European Chemicals Agency published in 2012 an inventory open to the public where all substances that are covered by CLP and that are classified as hazardous are included. The producers and importers own classifications are available here, as well as all harmonised classifications in the EU. From 1 December 2010, manufacturers and importers are required to provide information to the inventory. PRIO database is largely an extract from the Classification & Labelling inventory where substances with most hazardous properties in the long term are emphasised.