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Plant protection products are mainly used to protect plants and plant products in agriculture, forestry and horticulture. You may only sell or use plant protection products that are authorised in Sweden.

Current topics on plant protection products

Rules for Plant Protection Products

A plant protection product is a mixture consisting of one or several active substances and other substances. The active substances have the effect intended to protect against fungi, pests or competing plants. The active substances must be approved to be used in plant protections products.

If you want to import or sell

If you intend to import or sell a plant protection product, which is chemical or consists of micro-organisms, on the Swedish market you need to apply for an authorisation from the Swedish Chemicals Agency. A plant protection product can only be authorised if the active substance in the product is already approved within the EU.

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If you are selling plant protection products there is also a training and certificate required.

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If you want to use plant protection products

You are only allowed to use plant protection products that are authorised in Sweden and only for the use included in the authorisation. There are also other rules that you need to know of and apply to. More information can be found on our webpages on the use of plant protection products.

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Authorisation of plant protection products

In Sweden the Swedish Chemicals Agency evaluates and decides on the authorisations of plant protection products in accordance with the EU Plant Protection Products Regulation. A plant protection product can only be authorised if an application has been submitted to our agency.

The aim of the EU plant protection products regulation is to secure a high level of protection of both human and animal health and the environment. The aim is also to improve the functioning of the internal market through the harmonisation of the rules on placing plant protection products on the market, while improving agricultural production.

An important part of the authorisation of a plant protection product is to ensure that there is enough knowledge about the risks with the product. We assess the risks and decide on conditions of use in order to prevent damage or minimise them to acceptable levels.

Several Swedish agencies cooperate in the evaluation of plant protection products. The Swedish Chemicals Agency assesses the health and environmental risks and together with the Swedish Board of Agricultural if the product is efficient in the area of use applied for. In cooperation with the National Food Agency we assess the residues in crops, which also form the basis for the authorisation of a product.

Cooperation in the northern zone of the EU

EU member states cooperate in evaluating plant protection products. The work is carried out in three zones with different agricultural and environmental conditions: the northern, central and southern zones. The northern zone includes Sweden together with Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. Norway is also participating in the work in the northern zone.

Approval of active substances

Active substances, including micro-organisms, in plant protection products are jointly evaluated within the EU, and a decision on approval of an active substance is made at EU level.

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More information

The Swedish Board of Agricultureexternal link issues rules on training requirements and permits to use plant protection products in authorisation classes 1 and 2.

The National Food Agencyexternal link monitors residues of pesticides in crops and drinking water.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agencyexternal link issues rules on the distribution and handling of plant protection products in the environment.

The Swedish Forest Agencyexternal link has regulations on certain use of plant protection products in forestry.

The Swedish Work Environment Authorityexternal link has regulations on certain use of plant protection products.

The European Commission Food Safety Health Directorate.external link

The European Food Safety Authority.external link

The European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization, EPPOexternal link, has a list of databases on authorised plant protection products in the EPPO region.

Last published 30 January 2021