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Action plan for dealing with applications more quickly

News 6/18/2015

The Swedish Chemicals Agency has drawn up an action plan for dealing with applications for the approval of pesticides more quickly. The action plan, which has been submitted to the Swedish Ministry of the Environment and Energy, includes that the Swedish Chemicals Agency will improve the information for companies.

In May, the Office of the Chancellor of Justice (Justitiekanslern, JK) directed criticism towards the Swedish Chemicals Agency on the grounds that the processing times of product approval and extensions of the product approval of pesticides had been taking too long.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency is working on several initiatives to shorten processing times. The initiatives that have been implemented up until now have led to the Swedish Chemicals Agency making a number of decisions in cases concerning pesticides. During the first four months of the year, 228 such decisions were made which is more than the total number of decisions in 2014.

In an action plan that was submitted to the Ministry of the Environment and Energy, the Swedish Chemicals Agency now reports how the agency will continue to work to shorten processing times. The measures presented in the action plan include planning and monitoring, operational support, communication and improved relations with companies and industries as well as work to improve the efficiency of the process at the agency.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency has undergone a reorganisation which came into effect in 2013 where a special department was formed with the focus on reviewing pesticide cases. Since 2014, the new organisation has focused on developing an efficient processing of cases through continued optimisation of processes, support systems, ways of working and risk assessment, as well as clarifying roles and responsibilities.

Action plan for reviewing applications for authorisation

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