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Report to the Chemicals Agency's Products Register

News 1/24/2014

It is time to report the quantities of chemical products and pesticides and the sales values of pesticide products to the Swedish Products Register. At the latest on 28 February 2014 the report must be submitted.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency recently sent out a "Request to report" to companies that have products registered. The request replaces the "Receipt list" and "Request (Pesticides)".

As from 2014, co-ordinated reporting of chemical and pesticide products is being introduced and companies may report all their products by submitting one single Accounting Report to the Swedish Chemicals Agency. However, it will not be possible to report pesticides in the Electronic notification service 2014.

There will be no distribution of paper reports, but we will be providing electronic alternatives. Please contact the Products Register if you are unable to use electronic alternatives.

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