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Inspection of decorative oil lamps

News 3/20/2014

Every year accidents happen with children that ingest lamp oil. If the oil reaches the lungs it can cause chemical pneumonia and life-threatening injuries. During 2013, the Swedish Chemicals Agency looked more closely at decorative oil lamps.

For a decorative oil lamp to be safe the oil should not be easy to access. According to regulations the lamp must not leak oil even if held upside down. The wick must be protected in order that children are prevented from putting it into the mouth.

Upon inspection, the Swedish Chemicals Agency informed the companies that placed decorative oil lamps on the Swedish market about the regulations. Later eleven different oil lamps were bought and tested according to REACH regulations. None of the tested oil lamps met all the requirements.
The companies have stopped selling the oil lamps and the Swedish Chemicals Agency has reported the infringements to the environmental prosecutor.

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