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Annual Report 2013

News 3/14/2014

In 2013, the assignment with the Action plan for a toxic-free everyday environment has had great significance for the Swedish Chemicals Agency. It has enabled us to make more inspections and analyse more articles.

– We have found several cases of prohibited substances in toys and textiles, for example. It shows us the importance of continued strong enforcement, says Nina Cromnier, Director General of the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

During 2013 Sweden has been one of the EU member states to have proposed most measures for hazardous substances to the European Chemicals Agency, ECHA.

– I am very proud of this. It is a prerequisite for member states to take on these missions in order for REACH to be efficient and develop, says Nina Cromnier.

Another important event for the Swedish Chemicals Agency in 2013  was the Swedish government's chemical bill that was presented in December 2013.

– With this bill the government shows a long-term commitment in order to achieve the environmental goal of a non-toxic environment, which is very pleasing, says Nina Cromnier.

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