Helpdesk on chemicals control for countries

The Swedish Chemicals Agency can offer advice on issues regarding establishment of national chemicals control to countries qualified for development aid according to OECD/DAC.

Händer som lägger ett pussel

The Swedish Chemicals Agency has longstanding experience from working with preventive chemicals control. For many years we have also worked with international development cooperation, supporting countries to establish or strengthen their national chemicals control. As part of this, we provide trainings and guidance.

Based on our experiences from working with preventive chemicals control on national level, within EU and at international level, we have developed a series of guidance documents. These guidance documents cover key areas for the establishment and development of national chemicals control, such as sustainable financing, risk reduction of chemicals, legislation on chemicals placed on the market and enforcement of such legislation.

Read our guidance documents

If you have questions regarding the content of the guidance documents or would like to discuss any issue related to them, do not hesitate to contact us.

Furthermore, if your country is qualified for development aid according to OECD/DAC External link. and have questions regarding establishment and development of your national chemicals control, we can also offer additional advice on such issues through e-mail, telephone etc. We can give support and advice in English.

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If you have other types of questions regarding the chemicals legislation in Sweden and EU, please contact the Swedish Chemicals Agency's regular helpdesk.

Last published 12 January 2021