International Capacity Development Programme – Developing Strategies for National Chemicals Management

During the period 2018–2022, the Swedish Chemicals Agency will organise and run the International Capacity Development Programme “Developing Strategies for National Chemicals Management”. The programme is funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

The programme is focused on how the control of chemical products at a national level can be established and organised. The programme deals, for instance, with how a country can develop its knowledge about the chemical substances and mixtures, how to retrieve and communicate knowledge about the properties of the chemicals, and how to carry out risk assessments. It also looks at the different strategies a country can apply to achieve risk reduction and to introduce methods for checking compliance with the regulations.

The programme is primarily intended for ministries and authorities in cooperation countries in order to provide the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop national preventive chemicals control strategies suitable in the local context. This includes relevant legislation, institutional capacity and systems of enforcement.

The programme includes seven Advanced International Training Programmes (ITP) and a number of supporting policy seminars for senior managers and thematic technical workshops.

Read more about the international training programme (ITP).

Read more about the policy seminars and thematic workshops.

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