Bilateral cooperation with Serbia

The Swedish Chemicals Agency is working together with the Ministry of Environmental Protection in Serbia, to further develop the chemicals control in Serbia.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency is since 2008 cooperating with Serbia to establish and develop chemicals control, to develop the role and capacity of the Ministry of Environmental Protection for working with chemicals control, and to and prepare the country for EU membership. The ongoing project is a cooperation with the Ministry for Environmental Protection in Serbia, and is running between 2016 and 2022. The project is a part of the Swedish Chemicals Agency´s development cooperation and is supported by Sida.

The overall objective is contribution to the minimization of adverse effects of chemicals on human health and environment, creation of conditions for membership in EU and establishment of conditions for free movement of goods and improved chemical safety contributing to sustainable development in the Republic of Serbia.

The project has the following focus areas:

  • Strengthening of capacity and competences of the ministry within the area of chemicals management, with a special focus on a risk management system for biocidal products.
  • Further development of the Integrated Chemicals Registry. This registry should serve as a complementary and supporting tool to EU legislation.
  • To contribute to further alignment with the EU legislation regarding chemicals
  • To contribute to the awareness of EU legislation among relevant stakeholders.

Further information

Read more about Sweden’s cooperation with Serbia on Sida’s website. External link.

Read more about Sweden's development cooperation in Serbia on the website of the Swedish Embassy in Serbia. External link.

Last published 4 September 2023