Our enforcement

The Swedish Chemicals Agency inspects companies manufacturing and importing chemical products, biotechnical organisms and other articles into Sweden in order to check that they comply with the rules and regulations for placing these on the market. Inspections are carried out under the provisions of the Environmental Code.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency divides enforcement into three key areas: chemical products, articles and pesticides.

When the inspection is made, the Agency checks:

  • Any content of prohibited substances in the articles or chemical products.
  • Product information, i.e. safety data sheets and labels on the packaging.
  • If the company informs their customers if their articles contains substances on the candidate list.
  • Product investigations and assessment documentation.
  • Company routines, for example how safety data sheets are made and distributed.
  • Activity report to the products register and correctness of product notifications.
  • Whether unauthorised pesticides are sold.
  • Any permits for transfer of particularly hazardous chemicals.
  • How the company works to avoid harmful chemicals.

Most inspections carried out by the Swedish Chemicals Agency are parts of different projects. Some projects cover almost all companies in a certain region, for example a county. Other projects are aimed at a particular sector or type of chemical product or article. Sometimes, the projects are followed by a seminar for the companies involved and the local enforcement authorities.

The Agency also cooperates with other enforcement authorities both in Sweden and abroad. Examples of such Swedish authorities are county administrative boards, environment committees at municipalities, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency is responsible for enforcing legislation on chemicals among manufacturers and importers to Sweden (first-tier suppliers).

Additional information on enforcement by the Swedish Chemicals Agency can be found in the Enforcement Plan for 2015, available in Swedish.

Last published 4 September 2020