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Statistics in brief presents clear diagrams and graphs on developments in substances and product groups of topical interest.

Summary tables and diagrams

Amount of chemical products hazardous to health per person per annum

Breakdown between different groups of substances

Chemical products labelled as dangerous for the environment sold to various sectors

County-wise distribution of registering companies

Estimate of Swedish companies obliged to register according to Reach

Imported and domestic produced products

Notification of new chemical substances to the EU

Number of chemical products per danger class

Number of chemical products per reporting company

Product types dangerous for the environment

Quantitative distribution of all substances in chemicals (Sweden)

Registration in REACH from Swedish companies

Sector use of chemicals dangerous to health in 2010

Sectors using largest quantities of chemicals in Sweden

Shares of dangerous products

Suppliers of chemicals for different sectors

The 20 most common substances - turnover by quantity

The products register, turn-over 1996-2010

The ten most common types of products in Sweden

The ten most used substances in chemical products

The ten types of product handled in the largest quantities

Use of substances as components of chemical products

Volumes of chemical products per danger class

Substances and substance groups

Allergenic substances


Carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic substances

CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs (freons)

Chlorinated paraffins

Chlorinated solvents


Epoxy products




Lead, cadmium and mercury


Nonylphenol ethoxylates


Phosphate in detergents and in dishwashing powder



Tinorganic compounds


VOC in paints

Products and sectors

Antifouling preparations

Barbecue starter fluids

Biocidal products

Cadmium in phosphate fertilisers


Flame retardants

Nanoproducts in the products register




Wood preservatives