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Pesticides and biocides are chemical or biological products intended to prevent or deter animals, plants or micro-organisms from causing damage to human health or property. Due to these properties, pesticides and biocides may cause harm to health and the environment. That is why pesticides and biocides need authorisation and must be used properly.

The Pesticides Register contains information on more than 3,000 products, including which active substances they contain, how they are allowed to be used, and whether the authorisation of the product is valid or has expired.

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Depending on what the pesticide is used for, it is either a plant protection product or a biocidal product. You need authorisation by the Swedish Chemicals Agency to sell or use pesticides and biocides in Sweden. An authorisation class shows who is permitted to use the pesticide or biocide and the proficiency requirements of the user.

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Plant protection products

Plant protection products are mainly used to protect plants and plant products in agriculture, forestry and horticulture from attack by fungi, pests and competing plants.

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Our guide for application helps you to apply for authorisation of plant protection products.

Biocidal products 

Biocidal products are all pesticides that are not plant protection products. Examples of biocidal products are wood preservatives, repellents, rodenticides, and antifouling paint for boats.

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Our guide for application helps you to apply for authorisation of biocidal products.

Biological pesticides 

A biological pesticide can be either a plant protection product or a biocidal product. Biological control often includes combating the pest by using the organisms' natural enemies. Natural enemies can be microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi, or macroorganisms such as nematodes, insects or arachnids.

Before a biological pesticide product containing micro-organisms can be sold or used in Sweden, it has to be authorised by the Swedish Chemicals Agency. Macro-organisms that are used as pesticides are authorised by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

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