Your right to information

You have the right to request information on chemical products and articles. Ask in the shop if the article in question contains hazardous substances. Read the information on the label provided on chemical products.

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As a consumer you have the right to receive information on whether an article contains any of the substances included in the Candidate List, which is the EU List of Substances of Very High Concern. If you request such information, you should receive it free of charge and within 45 days of the day of your request. The shopkeeper has the right to receive the same information about an article from the manufacturer or importer. In the case of building materials, it is the obligation of the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket) to provide such information.

Go to the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning website.

If an article such as an antibacterial substance has been treated with a pesticide, this information must be stated on the label.

Hazardous chemical products must be labelled with danger symbols and text providing information about the danger.

Find out more information about chemicals contained in articles on the European Chemical Agency webpage Use your right to ask.

You may want to use this information sheet to ask your question. Print it out, fill it in and bring it to the shop. (in Swedish).

The Candidate List

The EU Candidate List contains substances whose properties mean that they are particularly hazardous and serious, and that they have a prolonged and persistent effect on human health or the environment. These substances may, for example, cause cancer, affect the ability to have children, or be harmful to the environment. Consumers have the right to know if an article contains a substance on the List if it is present in a concentration of more than 0.1% of its weight. The supplier must communicate this information within 45 days.

Find out more information on Candidate List of substances in articles on the European Chemical Agency website.