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The Spanish forest slug (the killer snail) inflicts damage in gardens, flowerbeds and vegetable plots.

There are several methods of getting rid of snails, such as chopping them up, using traps or spreading lime around the plants. Snails are sensitive to drought. Therefore avoid creating any damp places in the garden. 

If you must use pesticides, only buy a product which is approved by the Swedish Chemicals Agency. Approved products are always preceded by a four-digit registration number and are divided into three authorisation classes. Products with a Class 3 marking are for public use. The Pesticides Register which is available at the Swedish Chemicals Agency is where you can check the registration number and see whether the product is approved and to which class it belongs, and to find other important information.

Note the danger symbols and read the information so that you can protect yourself and handle the product in a safe way.

Snigelakuten (the emergency snail treatment centre) on the Natural History Museum of Gothenburg website


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