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Plant protection products are pesticides and are used for protecting plants and cultivated plots against weeds and pests of various kinds.

Only a few plant protection products are approved for private use in Swedish gardens. Most are used to treat moss and weeds. Chemical treatment of moss often needs repeating, and in general large quantities of this product are used to this end. For anyone wishing to grow plants using organic methods, there are several biological plant protection products which work in gardens and greenhouses.

There are alternatives to plant protection products for protecting your garden against fungal and insect damage:

  • choose high-resistance plants
  • pre-cultivate the ground
  • use garden fabric
  • use sticky traps
  • watering plants to remove pests such as aphids
  • hoeing weeds
  • draining the garden
  • fertiliser
  • the pruning of trees and bushes.

If you need to use a plant protection product, this must be approved by the Swedish Chemicals Agency. Plant production products are always preceded by a four-digit registration number and are divided into three authorisation classes. Products with a Class 3 marking are for public use. The Pesticides Register which is available at the Swedish Chemicals Agency is where you can check the registration number and see whether the product is approved and to which class it belongs, and to find other important information.

Note the danger symbols and read the information so that you can protect yourself and handle the product in a safe way.

If you have bought a plant protection product on the Internet, you have the right at all times to receive hazard information on the product before buying it. Bear in mind that other countries may have other rules, but that the product to be used in Sweden must comply with Swedish rules.

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