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Mosquito and tick repellents


Mosquito and tick repellents may contain substances that irritate the eyes and sensitive skin, and they may be harmful to health if used incorrectly. First and foremost, use a mosquito net or ordinary clothes to protect yourself, and use repellents only when absolutely necessary. Many repellents may be used on clothing.

Only buy repellents that are approved by the Swedish Chemicals Agency. These products have a four-digit registration number and are divided into three classes of authorisation. Class 3 products may be used by everyone. The Pesticide Register, which is maintained by the Swedish Chemicals Agency, will allow you to see if you can find a product’s registration number and check if the product is authorised and the class to which it belongs, and to find other important information. If you buy mosquito and tick repellents online, you are entitled to information on all the possible dangers associated with these products before their actual purchase. Bear in mind that other countries might have different legislation, but also that repellents for use in Sweden must comply with Swedish legislation.

Respect the age limit where applicable to the repellent, and always read and follow the instructions so that you can protect yourself and handle the product in a safe way.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency does not advise against pregnant women using approved mosquito and tick repellents when other means do not provide enough protection.

Products for animals

Chemical pesticides for animals, such as sprays and liquids must be authorised by the Swedish Chemicals Agency before they may be sold och used.

Many pesticides which lack authorisation are based on so called ‘natural substances’. Essential and volatile oils are often a component of insect repellents for use by human beings and on horses, as well as for preventing ticks on cats and dogs.  But ‘natural’ does not mean the same as harmless, and these oils can cause harm in the form of oversensitivity and allergy.

Protecting your horse against insects by using a hood and blanket is to be preferred over using pesticides.

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