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Oil lamp

Every year, many children are harmed from licking the wick of an oil lamp or ingesting lamp oil or paraffin. Such petroleum products can easily make their way down the air passages and cause chemical pneumonia and life-threatening lung damage. It only takes a small amount for a child to experience breathing difficulties.

The packaging of lamp oils must be labelled with danger symbols and a warning text. They may only be sold in black, transparent bottles that contain a maximum of one litre. The purpose of this is to minimise the risk of these products finding their way into small children’s bodies.

Decorative oil lamps, which are sold to the public, shall meet certain requirements set by a European standard of quality. The manufacturer’s or the importer’s contact information must be attached to the lamp, as must information about the standard that applies for that lamp.

Be aware that the lamp should be stable and should not leak nor be attractive to children.

Advice to protect your children

  • Always screw the cap on to the bottle.
  • Do not trust implicitly childproof fastenings.
  • Keep the bottle away from children.
  • Do not poor lamp oil into a soda bottle or similar.
  • Never leave oil lamps unguarded if small children are present.

Call 112 and ask for the Swedish Poisons Information Centre if a child consumes or is exposed to something that could be hazardous.

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