If you are a manufacturer, importer or retailer of chemical Products, pesticides or articles, you are responsible for ensuring that these products do not harm human health or the environment. This applies regardless of whether you sell the products in a physical store or via e-commerce. In order to assess the extent of your responsibility, you need to identify your role in the distribution chain and check the rules that apply to your products and articles. A company may have several roles, and the rules apply to companies both big and small.

A worker pours a yellow liquid mixture into a manufacturing machine

Manufacturer or importer

If you are a manufacturer or an importer of chemical products, pesticides and other articles, you need to know what the products contain and if they pose potential risks. You must be able to inform customers and other users. You may also need to report your kind of activity and your products. Pesticides require authorisation.

A man in a color store at a shelf with color cans.


If you are a distributor or retailer and sell hazardous chemical products, you have to ensure that they are labelled, packaged and stored in a correct way. You have also to be able to inform your customers about the contents of the products and how they can be handled safely.

A painter with a roller paints on a wall.

End-user of chemicals

As a user of chemical products or articles, you are responsible for reading and following the directions for use that always have to be on the packaging. Find out what may apply to you.