En råtta som kryper fram.

You can often prevent rats and mice yourself.

Rats and mice

In many cases, you can eliminate mice with a classic mouse trap. But it is harder to get rid of rats. If you are not able to get rid of rats or mice with preventative measures or traps, you may need to contact a pest control professional.

How to reduce the risk of a rat or mouse problem:

  • Make sure there are no openings in the building where rats and mice can enter.
  • Inspect ventilation ducts, basements, attics, garbage cans, garbage rooms, compost and sewers. Mice only need an opening of 7 millimetres to be able to get in and rats need about 20 millimetres.
  • Clean away food scraps and waste that attract rats and mice.
  • Store household waste in closed containers with a lid.
  • Do not store food out in the open; store food in the freezer and refrigerator or in tightly closed containers.

In case of an accident

Call 112 and request Poisons Information if someone has ingested a substance that can cause injury or poisoning or if someone gets such a substance on their skin.

Read about labelling and hazard symbols

Last published 9 November 2020