Fyra kackerlackor som kryper omkring över varandra.

Always hire a pest control professional if you suffer from cockroaches.

Bedbugs and cockroaches

Both bedbugs and cockroaches can be difficult to eliminate. If you have a bedbug or cockroach problem, you should hire a pest control professional.


Bedbugs multiply rapidly and spread easily from room to room on clothing and objects. Bedbugs are very difficult to eliminate, and if you have a bedbug problem, you should hire a professional pest control service.

Do this to prevent getting bedbugs in your home

  • Keep your clothing in a closed suitcase in the hotel room when you are on holiday. Do not slide the bag under the hotel bed.
  • Do not bring your own pillows or other bedding on holiday which you then take home again.
  • If you suspect that you have bed bugs in your luggage, you can put the clothing in the freezer for a few days when you get home.


Cockroaches can enter our homes with, for example, groceries or imported goods. They look for warm and humid places where there is also food, such as kitchens or bathrooms. Through piping, they can spread further in a property. They can spread both bacteria and viruses and are very difficult to eliminate. Therefore, hire a pest control professional if you have a cockroach problem.

In case of an accident

Call 112 and request Poisons Information if someone has ingested a substance that can cause injury or poisoning or if someone gets such a substance on their skin.

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Last published 25 May 2021