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The Swedish Chemicals Agency manages the international training programme ITP.

Advanced International Training Programme - ITP299, "Strategies for Chemicals Management"

During the period 2012–2017, the Swedish Chemicals Agency will be arranging a total of nine ITPs in chemicals management with 25 participants per programme. Each programme consists of a training course during three weeks in Sweden and a follow-up seminar during one week in one of the participating countries about six months later. The programme is addressed to ministries and authorities in cooperation countries.

Two programmes will start each year from a number of countries in Eastern Europe, South-East Asia and Africa.

The programmes are organised by the Swedish Chemicals Agency and funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation (Sida).

ITP 2017

The programme initiated in Sweden 12 September – 4 October 2016 and targeting Asia/Europe will be finalised after the regional phase in Bangkok 24–28 April 2017.

It is the final programme in a set of nine within ITP299.

Go to information about the program and application procedure for ITP 299 on the Sida webpage.