Simplified procurements initiated by the Swedish Chemicals Agency are also published at

Submit tenders

Tenders are to be produced in the form of a written original copy signed by the signatory responsible for the firm, placed in a sealed envelope, and marked in the upper left-hand corner with the denotation and registration number of the tender.

Tenders must be filed with the Agency no later than the day indicated, and addressed to: The Swedish Chemicals Agency, Box 2, SE-172 13 Sundbyberg.

Tenders are to be sent by e-mail within the period of tender to A written original copy produced in accordance with the above particulars is to be provided no later than the day after the tender has been sent by e-mail. Tenders can be handed in to our reception desk during office hours at Esplanaden 3A, Sundbyberg, Sweden.

Any questions regarding general information on our procurements are to be addressed to


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