Our task

The Swedish Chemicals Agency is supervisory authority under the Government and we work to ensure that the companies' and society's chemicals control is managed in a good way. We strive to reduce the risk of humans and the environment getting harmed by chemicals and our goal is to prevent damage.

We help develop legislation and other instruments. We do this by conducting our own investigations and providing suggestions to help the Swedish Government tighten the rules on chemicals at both national and EU level. We also do this through our extensive work at international level.

We review applications for the authorisation to sell and use plant protection products and biocidal products.

We supervise importers and manufacturers of chemical products, pesticides and articles, and we carry out inspections. We also provide guidance regarding enforcement and inspections to municipalities and county administrative boards.

Director-General as of October first 2019 is Per Ängquist. We have a staff of 290 people.


Our instruction is a regulation issued by the government, which sets out our overall responsibilities and how we will organise our work.

Ordinance (2009:947)

Letter of appropriation

At the end of each year, the Swedish government will issue directions to the Swedish Chemicals Agency for the coming year. It concerns business goals, assignments, funding and how reporting to the government is going to be.

Our letter of appropriation is available at the website of the Swedish National Financial Management Authority. (in Swedish)

In the letter of appropriation, the Government lists which government assignments the Swedish Chemical Agency will get for each year. However, new assignments may be added during the work year, assignments not listed from the start.

Read more about our different government assignments.

Tasks according to acts and ordinances

Environmental Code, acts and ordinances.

Service to Consumers Ordinance (2014:110).