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It is the duty of the Swedish Chemicals Agency to comply with the acts and ordinances issued by the Swedish Government and Parliament and to carry out their decisions on our activities. In addition to its financial rulings, obligations and responsibilities, the Government issues instructions, appropriation directions and individual assignments.


The activities of the Swedish Chemicals Agency are primarily financed by fees and subsidies. Special income finances the work of the Nordic Secretariat, the contributions to international organisations, the support given to other countries, the work on conventions, the EU’s rapporteur programme on active substances in pesticides, and a certain amount of consultancy work.

The Swedish Parliament granted an appropriation of SEK 209 million to the Swedish Chemicals Agency for 2015.


The instructions issued to the Swedish Chemicals Agency in the Ordinance (2009:947) sets out our assignments. 

Appropriation directions

At the end of each year, the Swedish Government issues instructions to the Swedish Chemicals Agency for the work to be carried out in the coming year: the objectives, assignments, budget and details on reporting back to the Government.

Annual report

The Swedish Chemicals Agency’s Annual Report for 2016 (in Swedish).

The Swedish Chemicals Agency's Annual Report for 2015 (in Swedish).

Quality and environmental policy

We are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as an agency which holds quality and environmental certification.