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The annual reporting to the Products Register is open from January 12 to February 28

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The Court of Justice of the European Union supports Sweden in the verdict regarding lead chromates

The tribunal of the Court of Justice of the EU supports Sweden in the case between Sweden and the European Commission regarding lead chromates. The verdict means that a decision granting authorisation to continue using two color pigment is now cancelled. Lead chromates is a substance of very high concern according to Appendix XIV in the REACH Regulation.

– The verdict supports substitution of the most hazardous substances and is positive for those companies which are already aiming at developing less dangerous alternatives. It should pay off to be in the lead in the substitution of hazardous substances, says Anne-Marie Vass, Senior Technical Officer at the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

Sweden brought an action against the EU commission in November 2016 due to its granting an authorisation to lead chromates in violation of the rules in the REACH Regulation. This, since there are less hazardous alternatives to lead chromates available that can be used instead.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency has contributed facts and helped the Swedish Government throughout the legal process.

– We have worked many years for this, both when it comes to this particular substance and similar decisions about other substances. Hopefully, this case makes way for that future decisions regarding authorisation take more into consideration that substances of very high concern should be phased out when there are alternatives at hand, says Anne-Marie Vass.

Read the press release from the Swedish Government External link. (in Swedish).

Read the verdict about lead chromates from the Court of Justice of the EU External link. (in Swedish).

Read more about the REACH Regulation.

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