The Swedish Chemicals Agency is introducing a requirement to report PFASs to the Products Register

The Swedish Chemicals Agency has decided that companies are to be required to provide information on highly fluorinated substances (PFASs) for the agency's Products Register. The new provisions will come into force on 1 January 2019. As a result, information concerning PFASs will have to be reported to the Products Register for the first time in February 2020.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency is amending its Chemical Products and Biotechnical Organisms Regulations (KIFS 2017:7) with effect from 1 January 2019. The amendments means that companies that currently report information to the Swedish Chemicals Agency's Products Register will also have to state whether the products contain intentionally added PFASs. This applies regardless of the concentration of the substances, although the concentration itself doesn't need be specified.

Companies with an annual turnover below SEK 5 million are exempt from the requirement to report PFASs. The first occasion on which companies will be required to submit information on PFASs to the Products Register will be in connection with the reporting that should be made by February 2020.

Companies in Sweden are already today required to report the content of chemical products to the Swedish Chemicals Agency’s product register. Companies must provide information concerning all substances which are present in concentrations exceeding 5 %. Substances classified as hazardous must be reported regardless of the concentrations in which they occur. Highly fluorinated substances (PFASs) are often found in concentrations below 5 % and most of the substances are not currently assessed as regards their hazardous nature. Consequently, PFASs currently rarely need to be reported to the Products Register.

Earlier this year, the Swedish Chemicals Agency requested comments from stakeholders concerning the proposed amendments to the regulations. After reviewing the comments, the Swedish Chemicals Agency revised the original proposal so that it now only covers intentionally added PFASs. The Swedish Chemicals Agency has also notified the European Commission of the amended regulations.

Highly fluorinated substances (PFASs) are extremely persistent in the environment and many are mobile in soil and water. There have been a number of cases of PFAS contamination of drinking water in Sweden. The aim of the Swedish Chemicals Agency's stricter reporting requirements is to increase our understanding of how PFASs are used. With more information concerning usage, it will be easier to assess what measures may be necessary in order to protect health and the environment.

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