The Swedish Chemicals Agency reviews the authorisations of plant protection products with the co-formulant POE-tallowamine

The European Commission has decided that the co-formulant POE-tallowamine shall no longer be included in plant protection products containing the active substance glyphosate. Following the decision, the Swedish Chemicals Agency will review the authorisation of glyphosate products containing POE-tallowamine.

On August first, the EU Commission decided to amend the conditions of approval of the active substance glyphosate in plant protection products. One of the new conditions is that plant protection products with glyphosate may not contain the co-formulant POE-tallowamine. Today in Sweden there are eleven authorised plant protection products containing POE-tallowamine which are and affected by the decision. During the autumn of 2016, the Swedish Chemicals Agency will initiate reviews of the authorisation of these eleven products.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency will contact and inform the companies affected by the decision of the EU Commission's decision. The Swedish Chemicals Agency has not yet taken a position on the periods of grace that will apply to the products concerned. In Sweden there are 23 authorised plant protection products with glyphosate that does not contain POE-tallowamine, and are therefore not affected by the decision.

Another amendment of the approval of glyphosate, aims to limit the use of glyphosate before harvest. Today in Sweden, no glyphosate products are authorised for use on grain just before harvest.

The European Commission decided late in June to extend the approval period for glyphosate in plant protection products. The decision prolongs the approval of glyphosate with six months from the day the European Commission receives the opinion from the European Chemicals Agency's (ECHA) committee for risk assessment, or until 31 December 2017 at the latest.

Glyphosate is the most common active substance in plant protection products used in Sweden. Glyphosate is mainly used for weed control on agricultural land in spring before crop emergence, and in autumn after harvest.

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