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These webpages provide links to and information on legislation applicable to the work conducted by the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

Regulatory amendments

The page on current regulatory amendments lists recent changes and provides links to Swedish acts, ordinances and our own regulations. There are also links to amendments of EU-harmonised legislation and to the EU Official Journal (OJ).

Rules on chemicals

Most of the legislation within the sphere of responsibility of the Swedish Chemicals Agency is regulated at EU level, and is therefore common to all EU member states. Examples are the

Many EU directives have been incorporated in Swedish authority regulations, for example on toys and electric and electronic equipment.

The Swedish Chemical Agency´s regulations are published in its own Code of Statutes, KIFS.

The Swedish Code of Statutes (SFS) comprises the applicable Swedish acts and ordinances, such as the Enviromental Code and Ordinances issued pursuant to the Code, which makes up the basis for the national environmental legislation.

The Swedish legal system - how laws are made (information on the Government Offices of Sweden website).

The Swedish Chemicals Agency supports the Government in its work relating to conventions and agreements.

Links to legislation

EUR-Lex, Access to European Union Law

The Swedish Riksdag

Restricted Substances Database