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The Swedish Chemicals Agency uses the Products Register to store information on chemical products and biotechnical organisms that are manufactured in or transferred or imported into Sweden and information on the ways in which these are being used. Anyone manufacturing or importing products that have to be reported must provide this information to the Agency.

Report the activity

If you manufacture notifiable chemical products in Sweden or import or transfer these into Sweden, you must report such activity to the Swedish Chemicals Agency. The activity report must be submitted to the Products Register no later than when you start the activity.

Notifiable chemical products are those products whose customs tariff numbers are on the list of customs numbers in Annex 1 to the Chemical Products and Biotechnical Organisms Ordinance.

Report the products

The products must be reported if the annual volume of each notifiable product is at least 100 kg. The most convenient way of submitting the report is to use the online electronic reporting service.

The information required is the amount of manufactured, imported or transferred products which must be reported. At the beginning of each year, you will receive documentation for an annual revision of the information in the Products Register.

If the total volume of all your notifiable products is at least 1,000 kg per year, you must pay a chemical charge.

A company may also obtain permission to draw up a product report and provide the information on volumes on behalf of its customer; i.e. a commercial agent. The agent must apply for a permit from the Swedish Chemicals Agency for this to be done.

Is your product a pesticide?

If your product is a notifiable chemical pesticide, you must also, in addition to reporting it, apply for an authorisation for approval before you may sell and use it in Sweden.

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