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About the Swedish Chemicals Agency (KemI)

The Swedish Chemicals Agency is the driver in efforts to attain a non-toxic environment.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency is a supervisory authority under the Ministry of the Environment and Energy and is responsible for ensuring that companies and the society at large conduct chemicals control in an acceptable manner.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency endeavours to limit the health and environmental risks associated with chemicals by promoting rules and legislation in Sweden, in the EU and globally that contribute to achieving the environmental quality objective of ´A Non-Toxic Environment´. Since legislation on chemicals is harmonised within the EU, a large part of the Agency´s work takes place in the EU framework.


The Swedish Chemicals Agency

  • keeps a products register
  • maintains a number of databases
  • processes applications for approval of pesticides
  • takes part in the development and implementation of EU-wide chemical and product legislation to assess and limit risks associated with chemical products and articles containing chemical products
  • also limits risks associated with chemicals in other ways, for instance through sector dialogues and support for trade and industry
  • checks the enforcement of legislation on chemical products, pesticides and articles provided by first-tier suppliers (manufacturers or importers of products into Sweden), with regard to placing on the Swedish market
  • provides support to municipalities and county administrative boards
  • provides support to other countries
  • provides statistical information on chemicals 
  • issues reports, publications and a newsletter
  • arranges seminars



The activities of the Swedish Chemicals Agency are primarily financed by fees and subsidies. Special income finances Nordic secretariat work, contributions to international organisations, support to other countries, work on conventions, the EU’s rapporteur programme on active substances in pesticides and some consultancy.

The Swedish Riksdag granted an appropriation of SEK 209 million to the Swedish Chemicals Agency for 2015.

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