The Products Register
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The Products Register

Electronic notification makes it easier for businesses to report chemical products to the products register. Instead of a product report on paper, an electronic notification can be made online.

Report business activities and products

Manufacturers and importers are obliged to register products subject to chemicals control. Chemical products, including pesti­ci­des, shall be notified to the Products Register by companies manufacturing, packaging, delivering or supplying them to Sweden. This applies if the annual volume is 100 kg or more.

The company shall also, regardless of volume, report the activity to the Products Register.

In order to place pesticides on the Swedish market, the company must also apply for product authorisation.


Products Register
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About the Products Register

Chemical statistics

Assignment report on products to be reported

Assignment report on adaptation to REACH of information to the Products Register

The relationship of Swedish provisions to European Union law

Product registers in the Nordic countries





Activity report

An activity report must be submitted as soon as possible and no later than at the start of operations.

Product report

A product report must be submitted if the annual volume is 100 kg or more per product.

Commercial agents

Companies must apply for a permit to fulfil the report obligation in the capacity of commercial agent.

Chemical charge

An annual chemical charge must be paid for professional manufacture or import into Sweden.