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Swedish acts and ordinances and other related legislation

Acts (lag) are passed by the Swedish Parliament (the Riksdag) and Ordinances (förordning) are issued by the Government.

Governmental agencies issue Regulations (föreskrift) pursuant to acts and ordinances. Regulations are published in the Code of Statutes of each agency.

KIFS is the short name for the Swedish Chemicals Agency's (KemI's) Code of Statutes.

The Swedish Code of Statutes (SFS) comprise applicable Swedish acts and ordinances. Translations administered by the Swedish Chemicals Agency have been made for information purposes and amendments are not continuously translated. For information about amendments, see Swedish. In matters of dispute, the Swedish text only is valid.


The Environmental Code on the webpage of the Government Offices.



The Chemical Products (Handling, Import, and Export Prohibitions) Ordinance (1998:944)

The Biocidal Products Ordinance (2000:338)

The Plant Protection Ordinance (2006:1010)


Other authorities´ regulations (in Swedish)

Two regulations issued by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency concern the area of the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

Statens naturvårdsverks föreskrifter (SNFS 1997:2) om spridning av kemiska bekämpningsmedel.

Naturvårdsverkets föreskrifter (NFS 2012:10) om betalning av miljösanktionsavgifter.


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