Distributors, retailers
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Distributors, retailers

These sections provide guidance to companies selling chemical products or articles containing chemicals to private consumers.  The company could be a shop, a store, an Internet business or a post order firm. 


REACH - EU chemicals regulation

The REACH regulation replaces large parts of the legislation on chemicals that was in force before 1 June 2007 in the EU and in Sweden. REACH came into force within the whole of EU on 1 June 2007, but will be applied step by step.


Risk reduction

Retailers could contribute to reducing the risks for both customers and the environment by choosing and offering chemical products with as little health and environmental impact as possible. The shop is required to have enough knowledge about the rules to comply with the obligations of  the legislation. For example, the shop could check, if applicable:


Safety data sheet

The rules on information in the supply chain under Title IV of REACH came into effect on 1 June 2007. As previously, information must be provided in the supply chain in the form of safety data sheets containing information about the hazardous properties of a substance, risk management measures etcetera.

Read more about safety data sheets.


For importers of products: See Manufacturers and importers.