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Revised scenario for leaching to groundwater

4 June 2012

One of the Swedish scenarios used for risk assessment of plant protection products has been revised.

The Näsbygård scenario is one of the three Swedish soil scenarios used for calculating groundwater concentrations of plant protection products, when applying for a national authorisation of a plant protection product in Sweden.

The soil type in the Näsbygård scenario represents a clayey moraine soil in which the flow in macropores (such as wormholes and cracks) contributes to increased leakage to groundwater.

The Näsbygård scenario has now been revised in accordance with a proposal presented by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in the report ”Evaluation of Näsbygård soil as a worst case scenario for clayey moraine soils in Skåne”.

The revised Näsbygård scenario will be released with the updated version of the calculating model MACROinFocus (5.5.3) and has to be used for new applications for plant protection product authorisations in Sweden made after the date of release of the updated model version. In the case of applications for plant protection products authorisation in Sweden made before the updated version, the revised Näsbygård scenario has to be used if additional modelling is required by KemI.

For more detailed information, read more on the webpage Leaching to groundwater.



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