Interim target 5
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Guideline values for environmental quality – interim target 5

Interim target text

By 2010 guideline values will be established by the competent authorities for at least 100 selected chemical substances not covered by interim target 3.

On interim target 5

The guideline values are an aid to assessing environmental quality on the basis of measured results from sampling and environmental monitoring programmes. The Swedish Chemicals Agency has laid down guideline values for concentrations in surface waters for 1000 active substances that occur in common plant protection products. This interim target has therefore been achieved.

A guideline value indicates the maximum concentration at which no adverse effects of a substance can be expected on aquatic organisms in the short or long term. Those who work on water protection can obtain pointers through the guideline values indicating when measures need to be taken to reduce the presence of plant protection products in the aquatic environment. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has a guidance document on when guidance values for residues of pesticides can be used. The guidance values are not to be regarded as limit values or environmental quality standards and are not legally binding values.

Follow-up of the interim target

This interim target can be achieved. Industry has to produce data for thousands of substances under the Commission's proposal for new rules on chemicals, REACH. This can form the basis for the definition of guidance values.