Interim target 1
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Data on health and environmental properties of chemical substances - Interim target 1

Interim target - text

By 2010 data will be available on the properties of all deliberately manufactured or extracted chemical substances handled on the market. 

For substances handled in larger volumes and for other substances which, for example after initial general tests, are assessed as being particularly dangerous, information on their properties will be available earlier than 2010. The same information requirements will apply to both new and existing substances.

By 2020 data will also be available on the properties of the most prominent unintentionally produced and extracted chemical substances.

On interim target 1

Far too little is known about what health and environmental properties chemical substances on the market have. It is therefore important to attain this interim target. Better knowledge is also essential if other interim targets of A Non-Toxic Environment are to be attained. There is a need to know what is to be regarded as “of very high concern” and is therefore to be phased out in accordance with interim target 3, how information to consumers is to be formulated in accordance with interim target 2 and what precautions must be taken in the use of chemicals in accordance with interim target 4.

The Government and the Swedish Chemicals Agency are therefore pressing for requirements to be established in the EU for knowledge on the health and environmental properties of chemical substances and for companies to be given clear responsibility for risk assessment of the substances they manufacture or import.

Follow-up of the target

This interim target will not be achieved in time. The European Commission’s proposal for new legislation on chemicals, REACH, covers more substances than the present rules and also provides a better basis for developing knowledge on the properties of chemical substances. However, the proposed test requirements are far too low for substances that are manufactured/important in smaller volumes. Nor does REACH cover substances formed unintentionally.